Sunday, October 17, 2010

Have I Done Enough?

It has been a long time since I have written to this site. I have been busy at life and work. Others have posted and still do their own work and life. I am writing now on the last days of this election.

I have had the great opportunity to interview many prospective Congressional Candidates. Some lost the Primaries, some have won. I thank God for the chance to speak with these people, regardless of the outcome. It has been educational.

There has also been some controversy over the content of my radio show and if I was presenting a slanted view. Isn't every media and content thereof slanted in it's view?

One this day of my birth I realize how important I am to this world. Every person must realize that they are as equally important to their own cause and purpose of being.

The election is less than two weeks away. I am asking myself if I have done enough. Will my failure be my Birthday present? Will my small bit of help be my Birthday present? How could have I done more?

I interview, I blog, I try to carry the name of great Patriots along the road. Is that enough?? Has what little has transpired during my radio show been enough to convince just a few people? I pray it has. I know it has not..

The Left has brought out all the guns and all I have is my voice. All any of us have is our voice. Any attempt to bring out our own big guns pigeon holes us to the Right. How much have we accomplished?

I will tell you.

All of us have awakened this sleeping giant. All of us have cried; "We are here. We are here!" The nation has listened. It may not be the success we dreamed of; it is the success we have unleashed for the future. Our children now know what is at stake. Our children can see it. My children see it. (They, actually have no choice, I speak about this almost daily..So, they are inducted by default..)

We have awakened neighbors, we have awakened friends and family. We have been ostracized by some, accepted by strangers who are now our FB friends. Their children know their Parent's position. My children know what they must be. They must be American Patriots.

In the past, we spoke of the "debt" to our children and shielded them from it accordingly. We do not do this anymore. It is incumbent upon them to know their past and act to change their future. It is not the schools who will teach this (they want more of this). It is not our TV (they feed on fear). It is , certaintly, not, our Government ( a program sustained by a ruse is a program sustained in the budget). It is the voice of knowledge and the voice of living that lie that will change the way we do business in Government. As a former Liberal; I know that lie.

So, have I done enough?..No

Shall I do more?.. By all means...Teach your children well..

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