Monday, September 6, 2010

Straight Up Our Ass!

I have been reading an interesting book. It is not something most people would admit too, but true to my non-plus' about who I offend, it is "Inside the Third Reich" by Albert Speer. Interesting comments made by him on the total admiration of Hitler and the synchophants who surrounded him are in lock step and slogan lubed like today. This epiphany, while reading alongside, the personal contacts with people I meet confirms a disturbing Yogi Bera moment of history being lived all over again!

My writing has been called 'vitriolic'. I must be getting better at it then.

I know a person who is totally happy to be a Socialist. They would even move to Europe just to pay 60% taxes as long as others are "being taken cared of". The euro system would suit them fine.

Hey look at the point made.

Europe is a neat place to be! Work when, or if, you want, don't worry about your liberties. You aren't expected of and for anything; besides there is always some one else working and paying into the system, right? You don't have to worry about any wars because we always say 'no' anyway or the Americans will fight for us.

But, is that how we want to live? There is something antithetical about America as an 'also ran' nation. Some of the individuals I interact with have engaged me on terms such as 'American Exceptionalism', or, 'Conservative American Ideals'. They always want an explaination. Some responces are openly hostile. I always say that if you need an explanation or you become hostile towards my political position you are an intolerant Liberal. You run counter to your own doctrine of tolerance and understanding.

Just as one party marginalized opposition in Germany years ago, the same incremental social changes are ocurring now, I have witnessed and experienced it. OK..I will agree; We are a long way off from banners on every building. Might be the only thing that separates us from the Nazi's. The slogans and the programs? They are there; and more of the population are for it than they know why.

So, on the 9th anniversary of 9/11 we find ourselves aswaged and in compliance to the doctinaire of the mass media who constantly engages the public on generalities about our racist perception of islam. Any attempt at personal opinion or feelings are tagged as such: Racist. Yet media and the media bed buddy known as the Obama Administration constantly tell us how to feel and offer their own opinions and demand we accept them just because they come from on high.

In the lack of leadership a void opens up and becomes open territory for anyone to fill that void. History always shows us, that, at such times; tyrants, despots or meglomaniacs fill that void out of an open gate policy of a free society. They will listen to anyone who steps up to the podium. Once complaciency, apathy and concern for simple survival become the day to day struggle of the masses, little time is left for active participation in our political process.

It is exactly what those in charge want to see unfold.

Be not fooled!!

It is not the Capitalist system that keeps people on that, Lefist Imagined, gerbill wheel of birth, school, work, death. It is the slow erosion of that system of economic prosperity that makes it broken and forces the masses to be concerned only with the stability of that system.

It is here, at a critical point, that Socialism turns the light on.

It comes to the rescue of the disenfranchised and becomes the answer to the needs and wants of those who cry 'foul' the loudest.

I have said many times that there are many successfull Social programs that were long needed for ethnic, worker, safety, sexual, gender equality. They are established and few Americans will argue against the historical importance of such legislation.

However, there is a rub.

The past is prologue. All these groups no longer represent the constituents they were formed to represent in the first place. They have become Political Action Committees in and of themselves. They are included into the Federal general budget as an almost 'default' measure. There is Grant money set aside. Many of these groups apply for it, many of them get it, but; based solely upon the moral arguement they waged to awaken social conscience a generation ago. Those struggles are gone now. Those programs are outdated and those programs are dead. Stop funding and granting them.

Now, I come back to the book I have been reading. Everything Albert Speer did for Adolph Hitler was to help him create structures to emulate the power and glory of the new Germany. The public was enthralled with Hitler and all he proclaimed for a new Reich. Passage after passage in the book point to the public's total committment to the Feurher. A simple agreement to design buildings turned into a cornerstone of Socialist Doctrine.

Socialist Doctrine is ignited in our society today and anyone who says otherwise is suspect. The close circle of synchophants who surround our President carry the message of his doctrine, just as Hitler, with his synchophants, did in 1933.

As Goebbels controlled the movies and 'visuals' that the German public would see. So does MSNBC, CNN, does today. It is all part of the plan. Oh! There was opposition media, to no doubt!

It was countered, marginalized, laughed at and (eventually) jailed to be sent to gas chambers.

May FOX News be wary..I am sure they are.

What does this mean for our immediate future? Well:

The trend continues toward the inevitable end of total Socialist America. The admin is in place and holds the wheel and rudder. Will Nov 2010 shift? Mmmm. The road is long to reverse our 75+ year path we have followed.

We are at that point in 1933. The opposition is alive and kicking while being bombarded by a State run media intent on the destruction of any voice to the contrary. Generalities. We hear it all the time. The media scripted generalities are the antithesis of the actual voice of a free people.

This brings me back to my friend who is a 'happy Socialist'. There are choices to be made and they have nothing to do with society. They are, intrinsict to our status as a Nation State and how we (as that State) shall govern ourselves.

Do you want a total government system? Or do you want to return to the values of personal perserverance?

As long as we follow the path of World Universalism and Liberal Socialism we inevitably will find ourselves bent forward with ass in the air, while our enemies line up behind us. Only this time it will not be the armies of freedom who pull up our pants, pick us back up.

It will be the Sword of Damacleas straight up our ass!

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