Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Hypnosis Continues Part III

Glenn Beck is a racist. The Tea Party is a racist organization. You, reading this are a racist. I, writing this am a racist. It is called "un words" and "newspeak". It is a party mantra that has it's roots in Communist Manifestos and Nazi Socialist Doctrine. I would not doubt if some one could link it even further back.
Dissent is not a, uniquely, American political concept. It is a natural process in the minds of 'A' type personalities. These are the people who invent (and spend their dying days trying to convince others). These are the people who wrote our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. They even had the forethought of leaving some items out because they knew they had to bind a nation..FIRST!
Dissent has even been linked, and written into law, as a crime. It is not. It is the most Patriotic example of an individual to proclaim that something is wrong and must be corrected. In fact, true honor is bestowed upon those people who stood once for liberty, gained it, then years later stood up to denounce it as it became corrupt and no longer represented the tenets that which the movement stood for in the first place. The actual voices who wrought the change are the targets of those who do not want change today.
We gloss our history into some kind of media event. We even teach our children the events as some heroic undertaking then instruct them that status quo must be maintained. The status quo of legislation and order. History and the blood spilled to attain it are glamourized into a panapoly of Americanna. When any one challenges that concept they are marginalized as heretics to the cause. My, how little we have evolved..
All the lives lost, all the hurt, sacrifices made; all polluted by revisionist history in order to persevere Government programs and an ideaology that has little to do with the original idea. All history is lost to the current form of political doctrine that denies the truth and expands the ideaology. It is a form of historical Socialism and a rewriting of all that has been.
Jefferson was a white slave owner and therefore didn't really believe in what he wrote in the Constitution. Lincoln just wanted to get elected and never thought of freeing slaves. Grant hated Indians and wanted them all killed. WWII was for American domination of the world and nothing else. I would support many of these arguements if it were not for the people who were there. The people who petitioned, the people who had a different idea, the soldiers who were on the line, the people who knew this was not for them but for the future. Thats why they did the things they did. We forget this precept.
We complain because it inconveniences us. We worry because of our own self absorbtion. As a poor man, I could care less. The whole of Rome could topple, I will still be searching for my next loaf. Funny; my wife and I looked at each other as the news of America's financial meltdown unfolded on TV and we both agreed.."We were poor before..What has changed for us?"
We complain because it inconveniences us. Our comfort zone is gone. How are we to afford our new SUV and expanded home we took loans on? I was there, I lost it all but my family was intact and I have found riches in my struggles.
Our nation is at war and the only care America expresses is the lives lost, the drain on our ability to buy crap, the inability to travel without a search, the rhetoric between left and right. No one sees the larger picture of why some things must be done. That message is lost in public polling years later as we all get back to the gerbil wheel we call work, family and life.
We forget that history and monumental changes in human evolution are made from cataclysm and geo-political forces and that our grandparents are the survivors of these very same forces. It is what has made us the strongest race of Homo-Sapiens we have ever seen in written history. The very things that history has layed upon our heads are testament to the fact that evolution weeds out the weak and allows the strong to grow, survive and give birth to the next generation of human kind. We must be the surviving grandparents for our children's children.
But..We do not see this. We are caught up in the web of politics, race baiting, hate, Government control of society and our own short sightedness. We splinter into groups who pontificate their own agenda and are swelled into the torrent of the tide that is that movement.
We argue over money. Money is taken from human endeavours and put into human complaciency. Then we argue over who gets what.
Meanwhile the barbarians siege the castle. We beg for understanding whilst they give none. We clamour for a policy change as they continue theirs. Our survival is in the hands of our debtors as they industialize against us and we buy into it..Literally. Our feeble attempts at elections, in order to change things, are a comedy to our detractors.
We fight amongst ourselves for the last scraps of what was once a great industrial empire with Unions, bailouts, welfare. Our enemies stand waiting for the inevitable fall. Perhaps they are correct in proclaiming that our own self delusion shall be our un-doing

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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