Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Spreading the Hate, Keep the Fire Burning

I posted my weekly messages on the 'Forums' page of the radio station I volunteer at. It is, actually, quite telling the lunatic responces I get from the ilk of cretons who view that page for the sole purpose of finding something of any substance they can complain about.

A few weeks back I did an interview with an Independent Candidate and some one called in to ask about '..This illegal war." We both quyickly realized, and commented, that the war in both Iraq and Afghanistan were not illegal because Congress did vote for both of them and the UN authorized "use of force". A week long discourse commenced over semantics. The caller was insisting on the term "declaration of war" and threw the Constitution at me. Either way he was wrong.

A week later another interview was interupted by another drunken Lib who kept cutting into a telephone interview to the point where I had to disconnect the studio phone and put a microphone to a cell phone speaker so I could continue. This kind of crap goes on weekly, from pre-planned I-tunes I am required to initiate after my show not being in the right folder on the computer, to various channels shut off when I need them to work to harrassing e-mails from Lib listeners and the radio staff (yeah! The staff!).

Last week was the icing on the cake. I posted my schedule in the 'Forums' page and loaded up a clip that is displayed here in this piece. I can't remember when I got it but i know it was sent to FB by a woman and I took it and put it in one of my Pictures Folder. So I loaded it up next to my schedule and my weekly messages.

I received an e-mail from some one at the studio telling me they removed the picture. Ok, fine. What followed is something from a Twilight Zone episode. A simple political cartoon gave birth to accusations of publishing hate speech wich went tangent into interacial gang rape. I have reproduced the e-mails here. I have removed any names.

I mean, after all why should anyone own up to what they say in this Post Obama World, unless you are Conservative.

I have pulled the caricature you had posted to the WCUW website on 08-04-10 depicting a black man as a rapist. Regardless of the political overtones of the drawing, this piece was way over the top on too many fronts!
All WCUW programmers are free to have their own opinions and beliefs, but at no time is the WCUW website, or airwaves, to be used to deliver this type of message. You may believe the premise to be true, but if you wish to have a voice with this organization, find another way of saying it.
Please note that any web posting or similar insinuation of this kind of hate presented on the airwaves by any programmer, or guest(s), will be immediate grounds for suspension from WCUW. Again, programmers are free to say and feel what they want, but there is a limit, and that limit was exceeded with the caricature you posted.
If you have any issue with this, please contact me directly or the WCUW (name removed). His email address is above.

You can take the stance of never posting again, or use some common sense. But then, you may never have met a woman who has been raped, or a black man who has been beaten and/or called a white woman gang banger…I have!
I do not feel my liberty is being raped or plundered, but I would never reach for the extreme to downplay the Tea Party or any other group.
If you question it, run it past me or just don’t post it.

So, you see, it is always an adventure for me each and every week. I reponded to the first e-mail by saying I was sorry and will never post anything ever again. I also asked that the staff draw up a list of rules specifically for me, since I seem to be so much trouble. Actually I think I will post something this week and include a photo of abused muslim women, or, that photo of the Blackwater Security people hanging from that bridge in Iraq. In fact, I think the photo here (the one in question) is the first one depicting Obama. I could be wrong. Either way, I am told I have to run all photos past a "censor". So much for tolerance eh?

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