Thursday, January 8, 2015

Beware the 'Con' Men

    " The Constitution was not meant to be a detailed list of laws and edicts to micromanage people's behavior. It was not meant to change with factional or majoritarian impulses... serve the political expedients... of governing masterminds and their fanatical followers.." 
    Mark Levin, The Liberty Amendments.

    " No doubt a great deal of nonsense has been talked about the inalienable rights of the individual...a great deal... was mere vague sentiments... pleasing speculation... put forward as fundamental principle.. Living political constitutions must be Darwinian in structure and practice.."
    Pres. Woodrow Wilson, 1908

    The ground swell residing in PAC's, assemblies, citizen groups and ritzy dinner parties concerning a Convention of States and the impending Article V is not only not going away anytime soon, it is now at critical mass. It is with more conviction than worry that we will see a host of Amendments to or the complete destruction of our United States Constitution in just a few short years.
    The two sides for and against such doom are not amicable nor do they hint of any possible compromise. They are polarized with each camp barricaded behind well worded and well defended positions

    On Jan 5th 2015 two opponents squared of at Lir in Boston to discuss this very issue. Tom Weaver and Catherine White were hosted by The Greater Boston Tea Party. Just as our forebears had done before Patriots gathered in a Boston tavern to discuss ( at times argue) and try to understand the benefits and dangers of tampering with our nation's most sacred document.

    If the end result was to only be a few amendments then this writer may be assuaged in his fear. However, what would the language be? Once Congress convenes the very groups who called for an Article V will be summarily shut out of the process and there would be no way to stop this runaway train. The only caveat would be the ratification process where 3/4ths of the states can reject any wacky ideas. During this time Americans can be sure to be very vocal in their local cities and towns. Again, though, what is to stop Congress from installing language to dissolve the ratification process?
    The danger lies in that if the process is to completely trash Madison's great work and the adoption of a 'new' Constitution then we truly face a grave danger.. Correction, we face the imminent death of our great Republic. We can forget about the ratification process because the 'old' Constitution no longer applies. The 14 states that would be needed to NOT ratify wouldn't matter anymore under this dystopian 'new' set of rules.

    Already there are 'new' constitutions gathering dust on shelves. The Ford and Rockefeller Foundations have drafted one such document. These are not documents to ensure Liberty, protect freedoms and reign in government. They are legal drafts dozens of pages long whose sole intent is to benefit the people who wrote them.
    The delusion comes when certain 'sub-groups' (as Alvin Toffler called them) demand and push for a Convention of States under the ruse their suggestions would be heeded. Thus, people climb on board convinced that this is just ducky. Ironically only State Legislators have the power to 'apply'. Unfortunately, these 'sub-groups' happen to be the very people pulling election purse strings. Can we see where this will inevitably lead? Luckily Oklahoma and Utah have since rescinded their applications. But whose to say a new set of Legislators may prevail?
    Additionally, given the propensity of Congress to draft legislation thousands of pages long, God only knows what these special interests will cook up. Chrysler will have to design a new truck just to haul the document. If the ratification process survives it could take years, but hey, we have to pass the 'new' Constitution to see what's in it. Right?

    Creeping Socialism is gearing up the American people for the 100% take over of everything. From businesses, money, taxes and our daily lives we have become over regulated and warmed up to government intrusion and government doing whatever the hell it wants. Most disturbing are what Mussolini called the "useful idiots" who are perfectly fine with all of this and helping to make it all happen.

.... And That Is The Diatribe....

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