Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Freedom's March

"This Town Needs an Enema!!" Jack Nicholson, from Batman.

    And a full flushing I would add! Good God in Heaven this state has gone "straight into the dumper", said Archie Bunker.
    Where in the world does a Republican dressed as a Democrat get all the press?

    We have watched this time and time again. We see the one hopeful up on the stage under the lights, in front of cameras, captured on Youtube. A guy from Worcester Mass with a shoe string budget gets candidates to show up for a forum just by posting a Facebook page (me). Yet the massive party money and massive press jilts the grassroots candidates to a 'spoiler level'.. Who decides this crap?
    I have to take off my hat to all of those candidates who stick out their necks, take out loans and put up their house as collateral. Why? Because they believe in this notion of Constitution, of Republic, of service over self to run for office.. I know. I interviewed many of them from across this nation since 2010. It is almost bitter sweet.
    Bitter sweet in that so many step up over and over and over again yet get shafted by the process each and every time. We talk about an election process being the secure foundation of our continued freedoms yet we are all well aware that process is rigged and flawed. We hear about the ocassional 'upset' and we have that collective moment of hope. But, for every 'upset' there are countless losses. Countless losses from candidates who reflect, and carry on, what our Founders envisioned what public service should and must be.

    Public service is NOT a career. It is a calling, much like what a person would do for the church or a missionary. As we get molded deeper and deeper into Socialism that calling becomes clouded amidst the lights, camera and pay scale of such a position. A newly elected official soon learns the money must be mined and generated for the next election. It jades and impedes upon an idealistic candidate who wishes to fix what is wrong. I covered this with my good friend and former candidate for Congress Pat Barron in 2011. I also spoke to Geoff Deihl after my Symposium privately and he admitted that it is all well and good to have these moral compasses.. Then you get elected.. And, you end up in a world of shit creeks and (quite literally) without a paddle. You are left with dealing with what is on the docket and your specific idea gets shifted down the pile somewhere. You are busy raising funds and have little time (nor clout) to put forth your ideas. Vote 'no' on everything and you are seen as an 'outsider'. No one will work with you.  Vote 'yes' and try to compromise on some bills and the constituency that got you elected views you as a turncoat.
   Either way you are screwed as a Legislator. Look at Scott Brown..
   I view Scott Brown as a man of integrity trying to navigate rough waters. He soon learned in his short stint as Senator that this process is a friggen nightmare! To make matters worse? When you wake up from that nightmare you discover that your constituents are sending you e-mails telling you that you betrayed them.
    Either way, you are screwed!

    So, what is the  incentive for a local man/woman to run for this higher calling? In short, there is none save the moral compass of the individual who decides to get hung out to dry in the process.
    Case in point, my good friend and 2014 candidate for State Rep. for the 13th District Worcester, Jackie Kostas. This woman had nothing to gain from tossing her hat into the ring. She could walk away from this tomorrow and no one who would blame her. But she could not stand by one more day and watch her adopted nation slide into the very same nation she escaped from. I covered her campaign earlier this year and here is the link below. I also had the honor of her coming onto my show for an interview and that link is below as well.

    Has she been written up in the local Liberal dominated press? One would think they would, right? She has all the right credentials; Latino immigrant, escaped Communism, took the oath of citizenship. A typical American/immigrant success story. Sounds good, except for one slight problem. She is running as a Republican. More to the point, she is affiliated with a local Tea Party organization. Well, we can't have that now, can we?
    Interestingly, the seated Democratic Rep. Mahoney didn't think he would have to face a challenger (par for the course here in ole' Taxachusetts). Once he got wind of Jackie knocking on doors though he opened up his DNC war chest. But, don't expect Mahoney to be knocking on your door any time soon folks. He'll send some one to do it for him. Jackie, on the other hand, will be glad to meet with you personally.
    These are the people I am talking about. The ones who beat the bricks. They meet so many people they go home exhausted and then: Get up to go to their jobs all day and go back to hit the bricks again.. And Again... And Again..

... And That Is The Diatribe....

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