Wednesday, October 8, 2014


    " ...But when once a standing army is established in any country, the people lose their liberty...Give me leave.... to warn you of your present danger...Recollect the history of most nations...  havoc, desolation and destruction.. by standing armies.." George Mason, the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

    ".... Where-ever standing armies are kept up.... liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction..." Jurist George Tucker, Blackstone's Commentaries

    In two weeks the Westford Massachusetts Police have stolen $480.00 from me for offences that were long since paid and adjudicated yet... Never entered into the system. Thanks Massachusetts' Court System Computers.. I, am now officially broke for the next week.
    I cannot get any of that money back until October 31'st when the case is finally dismissed. Even though it was dismissed years ago..
    Are you as ready as I am to kick something?

    Perhaps this should be another addition to a series I wrote here known as "Welcome To Bizarro-World"? Because, that is where I am once more. Hell, even Alice soon learned she was deep in the rabbit hole.. I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON!

    The cars are black, sleek, stealthy and souped up beyond what your dad could ever imagine while working on his 72 Nova. According to a recent John Birch Soc. Magazine article published in late September 2014 police cars are required to be DHS compliant in order to receive Federal grants. Chrysler (big recipient of bailout money) now builds a special police package Charger for cities and towns. All of them funded in 'Fusion Centers' under grants from DHS. In the next three years all of our plates will be scan-able from these new cars. All of your life's crap will pop up on the police computer screens in their cars. Not that anything from a terrorist will come up because that will be profiling but your failure to pay some fine or a lapse in insurance payment will warrant a pull over and an arrest of you.. The AMERICAN citizen.
    Oh, and yeah.. Your car gets towed at $200 and $100 a day storage fee.. How the fuck is a working man (or a poor, working, single mother) supposed to pay for this?.. I was under the impression that Liberals were all about the dis-enfranchised...
    Apparently I was mistaken.
    Case in point; My own Chief of Web Security for M&P2012 was arrested and jailed last year. His van was towed. After his release he found out his van was sold at auction because (duh) he was in jail and after 30 days they sell the vehicle because it is de-facto declared as 'abandoned'.  Do these people check records? No. He had personal property stolen by the police and the tow companies contracted by the police from his van. Actual property that was inside that vehicle! Never mind that my friend has (still) the title to his van.
    It was sold at auction. This man is on State Disability. He works on my show under a volunteer basis. I do not pay him.
    Case in point #2; Another good friend bought a used car. It was found to be defective. Under the Lemon Law she sought out to have it repaired (which it was-thank God). However, she was pulled over because her sticker was expired. Under new mandates a car with an expired or no inspection sticker is a tow-able offense.
    I think you all know what happened next.. Yup, it was towed..
    But here comes the rub..

    You cannot get back a vehicle until all claims from the police are met. Insurance, registration and.. A valid inspection sticker.. But, how does one get a valid inspection sticker if you do not have the vehicle that which needs said inspection? Don't you have to drive it INTO an inspection place to be thus inspected?
    Oh, do not be afraid, they have that covered..
    She had to have it fixed and repaired right there at an incredible cost before she could drive it away... All the while being charged each day for storage..
    Nice system we have don't we?  Single mother, low pay, on EBT.. Ya' know.. The whole demographic Liberals are betting the farm on?

    Getting back to my story.. The police in Westford told me point blank that if they see me here again they will tow my truck.
     I work there for a company I have been recently been hired by. I am trying to get back on track but I will not be able to thanks to these tools of the Federals. I explained this to them. Once, long ago, we could tell a police officer our story and he/she would grant us some slack. Sure, they would catch us and catch up on what our status was but we could always go home after we talked and explained.
     No longer.. You are arrested. Property stolen, fines paid out your ass and you still are no closer to SOLVING those problems for which you were stopped for in the first place.

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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