Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What The Hell Just Happened?

      Apparently Massachusetts voters never learn a lesson. Mass voters are like the consummate newbie in a prison full of hard core lifers. The established GOP and DNC  purposely drop the 'issues' soap and we just bend right over (like idiots) and WHAMMO! Fucked again!
    The crooks don't even give us the courtesy of a reach around to delude us into thinking we made an 'informed' decision.
    I will tell you who made an informed the decision, though. It was the voters who voted for the outsiders who lost. Well, in most cases. Warren Tolman WAS and idiot!
    The upside of all of this was at least the Communist Party.., excuse me. Democrat Party ended up with a split vote. Neither Coakley, Grossman or any other Dem won a decidedly majority of the votes. The only disturbing aspect of that fact is it is obvious that Massachusetts Democrats could give a rat's ass where their Socialism comes from. More taxes, more regulations, more rules, mandates, laws, ordinances. It doesn't matter who is in charge. Massachusetts Democrats love to show off their designer shackles.
    Can I get those engraved? Oh, for an extra fee? How silly of me!

    But how the hell did Charlie Baker make the grade? I watched Mark Fisher crisscross this state from Pittsfield to Plymouth attending every single event he could cram into a 24 hour day. I ran into Mark several times during the election and each time he remembered who I was and greeted me warmly. He attended my Candidate's Symposium and every answer he gave was direct, simple and to the point. Come to think of it? He was destined to lose on that principle alone.
    I also ran into Charlie Baker several times during the campaign. Each time he would stare at me like a gaunt concentration camp victim. There are only so many times you can say, "The Meat And Potatoes Show" before you realize either some one is just not listening to you or they are dumber than a box of donuts. In Charlie's case I think both axioms apply. Come to think of it? He was bound to win on that principle alone.
    Although I invited Mark to my show every time we met, I understood he was busy. He was always gracious and apologetic for not being able to come on. The day he personally sent me a message that he would attend my Symposium I was happy and left the poor guy alone from then on. No one from Charlie's team returned the half dozen invites I sent them. I personally spoke to Karyn Polito at the Automatic Gas Tax party in Shrewsbury and (again) invited them onto the show. Karyn turned to one of her staffers (who was shitfaced) and told them to give me a business card and to call them tomorrow...
    No one remembered me. No one knew what I was talking about. Mind you, this dynamic duo could potentially be our next Gov. and Lt. Gov. Scary isn't it?

    I will tell you an interesting story associated with the Baker campaign. I will disclaim here and now that this has nothing to do with Charlie or Karyn. So, I cannot blame them. I will also include a link to another blog post I wrote some time ago about another incident I experienced while interacting with their campaign staff. Both this story and the related link should give you a good idea of what we are dealing with here.

    While in the early stages of planning my August 30th Candidate's Symposium my buddy Wayne and I attended a Republican Town Committee meeting at 18 Grafton St. on the first floor office. This was late June of this year. After the meeting I motioned to Wayne to follow me into a back storage room. There, I pointed to about two dozen stacked chairs that were stored. I said to Wayne that we need to remember these chairs and be sure to get them prior to the event so we could use them. I knew the chairs were there because I have been attending meetings and events at 18 Grafton St. since 2010.
    Sometime between late June and late August the Baker team arrived and set up a call center in that first floor space. At that same time I was conducting sit down interviews for my show on the fourth floor at the Liberty Clubhouse. I was there almost every other day and on weekends. I conducted around a dozen interviews there.
    Each time I was there I would check to see if anyone was at the Baker office so I could speak to them about the event and the chairs.
    No one was ever there. I was there in the mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends.. All times and days. I would even peer into the windows and knock on the door to see if any one was home. No one.. Ever!
    So, as the Symposium drew closer I began to get concerned and asked the building manager if he could get in touch with any one from the Baker team downstairs. He gave me the phone number of a guy named Ryan from Mass GOP. So, I called Ryan.
    Naturally I went instantly to Voicemail. I left him a detailed message explaining the situation and my number. About ten minutes later Ryan called me back.
    " Did you listen to my message?" I asked.
    " No, I did not." He replied. I then repeated the message to him.
    " I don't know about any chairs.." He interjected during my explanation. I further explained how I knew they were there and where they were. I even told him I would return them promptly after the event so as to not upset his staff's schedule.
    " How do you know this? Have you been in our office?" Ryan was starting to get testy at this point.
    "Yes!" I said. " I have been to many events down there and was there last June at an RTC meeting. I made a point of seeing if the chairs were still there and they were."
    "Well, I will have to check with my boss and besides, Saturdays are one of our busier calling nights and we will need all of the chairs.."
    At this point in time I realized that Ryan was just plain lying to me. As I said a few paragraphs ago I was constantly at the building and never saw any one there on a Saturday night. In addition how was it that Ryan suddenly needed all the chairs he just told me he knew nothing about?
    I asked him to please check with 'his boss' and to get back in touch with me. I thanked him for his time and hung up.
    Ryan never called me back.

    The next day I ran into Brad Wyatt (building owner). I explained the situation and Brad gave me the best response I had ever heard.
    " You know why he did that don't you?" He asked. I was at a loss.
    " It is because they know Mark Fisher is showing up at the Symposium."
    Brad could not have been more correct.

    In fact, of all the candidates who signed on for the Symposium none of the candidates riding Baker's coattails (who agreed to attend) bothered showing up. All of the grassroots candidates who put their own necks, their money and good names on the line DID show up.
    This may be the last time we see a candidate like Mark Fisher run for office in Massachusetts. Given the way he was treated at the convention, treated by the Mass GOP, the press during his legal battle to get on the ballot and the complete lack of support from the GOP itself in general will exclude any and all possibility of a meaningful outside candidate with straight answers to ever choose to run for office ever, ever again.

.... And That Is The Diatribe....

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