Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Symptoms Of An Illness Ignored- Hanging By A Shoestring

    It is rather amusing to read the revelation that one of the Boston Marathon bombers received welfare and EBT benefits from the People's Republic of Massachusetts. Even more amusing is the fact that mommy dearest is a wanted criminal with a warrant out for her arrest in the October 2012 theft of over $1000 worth of dresses. As the posse closed in she high tailed it back to Kleptostan. I do not see her submitting to Sharia Law though. She still has her hands.
    Even if she did return to face justice she would cry poverty and the taxpayers would foot the bill for a Jerk-a-Day lawyer who will continue the case until it is lost in the labyrinth of the criminal justice system. That is, unless Dr. Doolittle Deval Patrick decides to seal the case if he hasn't done so already. He is so protective of those less fortunate.
    As one of BizarroWorld's chief architects he is mentally incapable of calling a spade a spade. It would not surprise me in the least if the dead terrorist was one of those 19,000 welfare recipients the state's DTA could not verify after Lizzy Hiawatha Warren's daughter illegally took public money to register welfare enrollies for mom. To this date none of that money has been returned to the treasury and no ethics probe has been initiated.
    Isn't Massachusetts politics fun?

    How the hell does that pressure cooking mook afford a six month hiatus to Chechnya on the public dole? I work for a living and can barely afford a day at the beach with the wife and kids. How does he attend a prestigious Massachusetts University on a twice monthly check and food stamps? Maybe thats why mommy was stealing dresses, who knows?
    Ladies and gentlemen, the next starship to BizarroWorld is now boarding on launch pad six.

    The Tea Party rally on Boston Common was a complete success. Members stormed the State House only to be tossed out by the all seeing, all taxing Eye of Mordor's security personnel. Hey, this isn't Madison Wisconsin guys! The ACLU and LSM only show up to defend the Constitutional rights of Union employees. Get your act together!
    Speaker DeLeo made it clear to the press that the Legislature was no longer going to allow anyone to publicly view the debates on the floor, ethics meetings and committee meetings. No press, no public. Just the mobsters of Bacon Hill deciding what to pass and what not to pass. Dr. Doolittle refuses to enact the Secure Communities Act that would give police the same authority as the bill in Arizona does. That would have taken care of Auntie Zetuni and that drunk driving uncle of Prez. O. It would have prevented the death of a motorcyclist who was run over and dragged for a half mile by a repeat drunk driving offender who is an illegal alien.
    If the FBI had done their job in the first place and followed up on the Russian intel about Thing One and Thing Two an eight year old boy would get to see next year's  Boston Marathon.

    The list of symptoms is endless. Here is a laundry list.
    Hillary goes off the rails claiming "... what does it matter.." that diplomats and soldiers are dead in Benghazi. She ignored repeated demands for more security and a plea for help during the attack. It was a half baked video that caused the riot. Susan Rice shoves her foot into her maw on television and gets a cushy position at the UN. What will really frost this cake is that Hillary will run for President. Benghazi will be ignored and anyone who brings it up will be called anti-woman, hate monger, racist, xeno-phobic. She WILL win the nomination and I bet she wins the White House in 2016.
    Obama's stand on Syrian use of chemical weapons will be "... a game changer..". Now that Syria has detonated a second WMD the President has back peddled and wants more information. Iran and North Korea are taking notes.
    The New York Times just published a piece on how the CIA is dropping off suitcases full of money at the feet of Hamid Karsai once a month. Boy, that's working real well considering that the Afghan troops we are training are shooting our own people in the back. Where the hell does this bread get baked when we haven't enough dough to pay for air traffic controllers?
    And that is another bubbling crock of shit. The sequester cut  2% of the budget across the board. Every one knows the Federal Budget goes only one way every year. Up. So where did the 2% go? It cut tours to the White House (which is owned by the American people) yet the great and powerful Oz can host an all star gala rock concert in the State Room. Hey, a girl just wants to have fun. Right?
    Since 2009 every insurance CEO, every Conservative Economist, the GAO and every one I interviewed on my radio show all agreed that Obamacare was a lark, would drive up costs, add to the deficit, cause the loss of millions of jobs and businesses and do nothing to insure the uninsured. Well, lo and behold, it is 2013 insurance costs are rising, the deficit is about to burst, jobs are draining away, states and companies are scrambling for waivers to defray the costs and we still have over 46 million uninsured and rising. Meanwhile criminals like Baucus and Kerry have quietly cashed in on stocks they purchased in companies that would benefit from the new law.
    The President signs Un Constitutional Executive Orders faster than the Fed prints money. Keystone XL is like the never to be built Cape Wind project here in Mass. Both of these grand designs are always one environmental regulation away from...... The next environmental regulation.
    The Governor of Maryland wants to tax rain that falls on your lawn.
    Mayor BloomberMeister won't let you smoke or buy a Coke over 24 ounces. If you do his drones will catch you on camera.
    Colorado has banned guns and legalized weed.
    The UN and the tree huggers are still convinced the planet is warming up  even though more snow is predicted this week in the Rockies.

    The whole friggen place is one big sea to shining sea cluster-fuck!

    Ladies and gentlemen we have begun our landing procedures to BizarroWorld. Be sure your seat backs and tray tables are in the upright positions. Thank you for flying BizarroWorld Airways....

.... And That Is The Diatribe....

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