Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lessons Learned

    Alright class! Everyone take your seats, settle down and lets open up our notebooks.
    Who can tell me what lessons we have learned from the events of this past week?.. Yes, Johnny?
    " We learned that by re branding the term 'War on Rerror' to 'Man Caused Disasters' makes no difference to terrorists."
    Very good Johnny.. Suzy? How about you?
    "That the full force and might of the military and law enforcement will move Heaven and Earth to find who ever is responsible."
    Nice answer Suzy.. Anybody else?.. How about you Ben?
    "Maybe we should be tracking students who are here on visas and who also travel outside the country to jihadist controlled areas and why."
    Interesting. We may be skirting a gray area there but, it is worth exploring. Tell you what. Why don't you develop a plan and we can discuss it on Monday.

    You know what I learned? I learned how immense the fire power that was brought to bear in Watertown. I could have sworn that the President said that military style weapons have no place on American streets but he is a retard anyway and cannot be taken seriously. I watched three national news channels, two local channels as well as Youtube. I was fascinated with the array of weaponry, vehicles, combat gear and tactics employed to find these two murderers.
    Despite what pundits may say a lot of what 'cracks' a case is sometimes pure, dumb luck. A seemingly unrelated gas station robbery leads to a car chase that involves the suspects. It is how you follow up on that luck that usually determines the outcome. What transpired was an all out, overwhelming military style response to the situation at hand.
    It was also a revelation. For it was revealed just how the tactical rsponse would be orchestrated. If I was watching it and thinking about it I wonder who else was watching it and thinking about it. It also gave the American citizen a glimpse into what we may face  when the government comes to take our guns and our liberties. I loathe to ponder in such dire terms but it begs the question. The only things missing were Apache gunships and M-1A-1 tanks.
    Equally compelling was in how easy it was to conduct the house to house searches and how easily the home owners turned over their homes to unwarranted searches on such a massive scale. I understand this was a particularly unusual circumstance but I was surprised no one gave any of the authorities any crap. Can you imagine if that happened? Does that warrant an obstruction of justice charge? How can it when you are completely un-involved with the crime in question?
    But I knew that would never happen. You see, this is Massachusetts. Eastern, Metro-Boston Massachusetts. The launching pad to BizarroWorld is located here. This is the hive of Uber-Liberalism. This is the area that elected Barney Frank 19 times, Ted Kennedy every time and  Lizzy Hiawatha Warren. This state is so blue it is actually Indigo. Here, there are only two political ideologies; Liberal and Moonbat. No one owns a gun in their homes as far as I know for the government is all knowing, all seeing and all well intentioned. It isn't just a way of thinking, it is ingrained in the DNA of the children born there. Ultra Sounds have confirmed it.
    I can only speak for myself. I know that I would be out in my yard walking point with a load of buckshot. Knowing that law enforcement wanted the suspect alive I would delight in blowing his knee caps off.. No more pressure cooking for you there buddy boy! That one was for the eight year old you killed, the other one was for his mother you A-hole!

    Payback is a bitch. On the slimmest, snowball's chance in hell terrorists ever defeat our military and cripples the United States with a WMD. Even if our nuclear deterrent fails our enemies still have one more, wholly insurmountable obstacle to overcome. The American people armed to the teeth.
    So, to all enemies foreign and domestic be forewarned. We may fear terrorism but we are fearless in our resolve to defeat it. We may fear tyranny but are fearless in our resolve to defend our liberties. May God have mercy on the souls of anyone who dares an attempt to usurp us. This nation was born by the barrel of a rifle and will be protected by the barrel of a rifle. The sword of Damocles is nothing compared to the wrath of Liberty threatened. It was the fortitude of American citizens who have suffered twelve years of war after 9/11 and it will be the fortitude of Americans to pursue to the ends of the Earth, until time itself ends all who conspire to deprive us of what God has ordained here.

    Here in ends the lesson.. Class dismissed..

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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