Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Unpopular Kid At The Birthday Party

    It is with utter heartbreak that I pen this particular blog.
    It was my intention to honor the name, work and Patriotism of my good friend and mentor, the late John O'Mara by attending the Restore America Conference and Expo in Boxborough Mass on the 17th. I was personally contacted by him over a month ago via e-mail to alert me to the event. John was always so gracious to alert me to events from Northborough Tea Party as well as others and encouraged me to film, write and cover events to get the word out to the public. John was one of the first people to recognize my work years ago and always welcomed me to his venues.
    A little over a week ago John passed away. I and others involved in Liberty attended his Mass. The conversation after wards was one of moving forward with the Expo that John had worked so hard to assemble. Great speakers had been lined up, Boston Broadside Newspaper was present, delegates for Trump were there, friends, fellow Tea Party members and other writers, bloggers assembled at the Holiday Inn just off Rt. 495.
    I too arrived with camera gear in tow, excited to be part of such a special day to honor the hard work of the Trump Campaign, The Republican Committees, Delegates, speakers and John. I was going to put a video/blog piece together that would celebrate the hard work of so many involved and share it with the country.

    Instead I was met at the event with contempt, threats, accusations and humiliation. Eventually I was kicked out.
    I did not mourn the loss of John at his Mass. I celebrated his legacy and resolved with deeper determination to be a more integral part of this movement. However, truly my heart broke that morning for John. His beloved Tea Party had been hijacked.

    I am not sure how, or why his son and others involved refused to have the event covered publicly. I was informed something about contractual obligations between radio host Jeff Kuhner and the event organizers. Personally, I could have cared less to film Kuhner. I find the man a bore and somewhat full of what makes the grass grow green. Fine, I'll shut off the camera during his monologue. In fact, I wanted to speak to the organizers to clarify if ANY of the speakers did not want to be filmed or interviewed. Fine! There was plenty to see, plenty to film, plenty to be part of and I had paid full admission for a full day.
    But none of that ever came to pass.
    My contention was that nothing was mentioned in any e-mail, or on the site about NOT filming. Never mind the fact that the organizers committed the cardinal sin of posting a public event, inviting said public, accepting a cash fee for attendance, representing a National Presidential Campaign, having public figures as guest speakers, hosting it in a hotel, involving the name of  The Tea Party (of which I am a Board Member for the Worcester Chapter) and then at zero hour denying Press coverage. This is a major NO-NO!
    I insisted that you cannot deny free Press access to events involving the public. This falls under the Plain Site Law upheld by the Massachusetts Supreme Court from 2013. If the fear was 'bad press' then, guess what? You just created it! No one was interested.
    It was at this time I asked for my money back and was preparing to leave. I had even said to several people I was leaving. Hell, I could cover the event outside. I knew plenty of people there.
    I was about to retrieve my laptop from a chair I had placed it on when a bald headed man approached me. I did not catch his name ( in the heat of the moment I may have just forgotten it). He held out his hand to shake. Naturally I returned the gesture. Next thing I knew he began to hold firm his grip and began raising his voice to me.
    "... Do you understand what I am saying to you?... Do you understand what I am saying to you?.. You are not welcomed here and you are being asked to leave!"
    The man continued his hold on my hand. Clearly, something was up.
    " Actually? No, I don't understand, I am leaving just give me back my money." I finally replied.

    I disengaged his hand and headed towards the chair to grab my computer bag. It is here that he became very vocal letting the crowd in the hall hear and began threatening me with calling the police for trespassing and assault. I never touched the man, never approached him, I did not even speak to him except replying to his admonishments of not being welcomed. I did ask 'what assault?'
    "You resisted me!"
    Clearly this man is disturbed and has a sociopath's ego. It is a shame he is in any way associated with this event. It was HE who approached me, shook my hand and proceeded to raise his voice while firmly gripping my hand. In point of fact? I was assaulted. Verbally and physically.

    Again, it is with utter heartbreak that I must tailor this blog post in this manner. I pray that the spirit of John O'Mara will find forgiveness in any denigration of his name I may have caused.

    But, it is at this point I must defend my name, my reputation and my Media Company in the manner that is well known to my followers.
    As I say on my show, helmets and safety glasses required....

    First of all you bald piece of shit retard, you are a despicable excuse for humanity. You do not know me from the hole in your own thick skull. I have covered political events, campaigns, Republican Committees, The Campaign for Liberty, I am Media Liaison and standing Board Member for The Worcester Tea Party, I am a writer, videographer, business owner and radio host. I have interviewed ( and personally know) dozens of Republican candidates from Oregon to Florida and back again. I have worked as a staffer for campaigns and have been invited to work as a Congressional Staffer by a very dear friend of mine. I have personally worked on signatures for ballot questions. I have had the honor to interview Governors, Naval Commanders, Veterans, Senators, Congressmen, City Councilors, activists. Boston Broadside has covered events hosted by me in the past ( my apologies to Lonnie for not being able to say hello to you). I have interviewed and personally know editors and owners of media publications. My posts, blog and radio show are viewed/heard (literally) nationwide. Some of the guest speakers are also familiar with my work (one of the reasons I was there). Many of the guests in attendance have been on my radio show, supported me at other events, invited me to cover said events, I am in the loop of a vast amount of e-mails regarding politics in Central Mass and those individuals who include my name are fully aware of my Media Company and the work I perform in support of Liberty. Other writers, media people who were in attendance there have also been on my show and were astonished that I was being treated in such an unprofessional manner.
    Did you throw them out as well? I sure hope you informed the audience that there was to be no filming and/or picture taking of the event because if you DID NOT? And, I find coverage of the event anywhere on Social Media (which I will) you have one hell of a lawsuit on your hands.
    Which leads me to my next questions: So, is it just you don't want media coverage at all or just media coverage from my company? Better yet, is it just me, personally? Am I the unpopular kid at the birthday party?
    And, who the fuck are you anyway to threaten me with arrest if I re-enter the hotel.. What if I booked a room there? What if my family was there and I was separated from them because of your insolence and stupidity? Would you vouch for their safety?
    Do you even realize ( or care) what you just did?

    As I said to John O'Mara junior just before this whole charade went to shit. "... You realize, by denying me the chance to cover this event you just wrote the story for me.." I was invited. I was part of the conference call that included delegates to the RNC and who were present at Mr. Clean's tirade.  
   You embarrassed yourself, the Trump Campaign, the delegates and you have sullied the legacy your father built. I was perfectly content to get my money back, let my friend attend (she did not, nor did she ask for a refund) and stay outside the venue. There would have been no stopping me on still covering the event in some manner. Instead I chose the higher path to leave once Kojack got involved..
    I will not pursue this legally. I get far better traction by doing what I have always done; writing about it!

    Again, I did not mourn the loss of my friend and mentor John O'Mara when he passed away. I celebrated his life's work.
    But today, I wept for him.

... And That Is The Diatribe....

Christopher A.W. Maider CEO
The M&P Conservative Media Network

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  1. How disturbing! I'm at a loss for words because their behavior was so outrageous.