Monday, December 22, 2014

How To Intentionally Self Destruct In One Easy Lesson

     The propensity for the human species to screw things up for themselves just at the moment when you would least want to do such a thing is standard method of operation here on ole' Mother Earth. What usually follows is a laundry list of stupid excuses given for such an action and the fools who accept said excuses. Political parties have this down like clockwork.

     While covering this election season for my show I was struck by the amount of party infighting and back stabbing that took place in every campaign and candidate I interviewed. We expect this from Democrats. What disturbed me was that Republicans had begun eating their own.

     The potential for losing this year was ever present. Not for lack of funds, ideas, or the glaring failures of Obamunism. No, the potential for losing was because the party was fracturing and fracturing from the inside not from the slings and arrows of Democrats. It was systemic and could be found at the lowest levels right down to town committees and assemblies. I attended these meetings. People you would think are there for the cause of Liberty and the platform of Republicanism were not. They were there for their own power grab and were soon revealed to be pushing and shoving their way to those key positions.

     The Democrats were loving every minute of this. I watched the Republican Party tear Mark Fisher apart. I watched as the candidates (Falchuk, Lively, McCormick) were summarily shut out from debates, conventions and denied their rightful place on some town ballots. The old adage of third party candidates taking votes away from the major party wasn't even on the radar screen. Republicans were doing just fine shooting themselves in the foot and screwing it up all by themselves. Charlie Baker's win was nothing short of a bloody miracle.

     Here is Massachusetts our own Republican Assembly is going through a tumultuous time. I am not at liberty at this moment to reveal what I know but rest assured M&P is going to begin an investigation and talk to the key players involved and get to the bottom of it. On January 10th there will be a convention of sorts and Gubernatorial candidate Mark Fisher will be running for the leadership of the Mass. Assembly as my good friend Dave Kopazc is stepping down. I wish Mark all the best. We will also be starting a series of short interviews with Mark on The Meat And Potatoes Show as he moves through this campaign.

     Unfortunately, there are forces at play who want to undo the hard work of Dave Kopazc and castrate the Mass. Republican Assembly. Again, not from opposing political parties but from within the Assembly itself. The gun is loaded, hammer cocked back and is pointing straight at the feet. Should these forces prevail it will spell the end of the Mass. Republican Assembly as we know it and cripple any chances of Republican wins in Massachusetts for years to come.

     We must ask ourselves certain questions when we see obvious power grabs like this. Who are these people? They cannot be individuals who crave freedom and who want to see the grassroots movement grow. Are they plants brought in from opposing political parties? Surely something is just not right here. I liken it to the hype surrounding Hillary Clinton. Who are these people? Everyone knows the history of Hillary from her lying during Watergate, Vince Foster, Rose Law Firm and Benghazi yet people are flocking to her campaign! The same types of people are jockey-ing for power in our own Assembly. They are exposed for who and what they are yet people are lining up to back their bids for the leadership... Astounding, simply astounding!

     And what is sad is that all these things do is expose the self centered malfeasance of these people. It also puts Republicans under the microscope of the media. Liberal dominated Massachusetts media was having a banner year this election season. All you heard across the state from Provincetown to Pittsfield were the echoes of gunfire as the Republican party blew off foot after foot after foot. The lies were thick as thieves. Now, even a prudent person can smell a lie a mile away but by the time it is revealed as a lie and countered the damage has been done to the victim. I will write about one particular lie as this expose' enfolds that is just reprehensible.

     We also have a propensity for blaming the whistleblower. I am sure I will be the target of those I will expose and write about. As if the corruption and scandal isn't enough? We toss the messenger under the bus. Look, dill-hole, you were the one who started this scandal. Don't go blaming me because you couldn't control it or spin it.

     As I go along broadcasting and writing this expose' I won't have to look far for the next installment. I will just wait for the metaphorical sound of a gunshot in the distance, follow the blood trail and the story will practically write itself. At worst they will try to kill the messenger. At best they just won't invite me anymore to their swanky political get togethers where the elite meet.

     But, hey, it could be worse. I could be one of those political elite at one of those swanky get togethers. You know, the one on the crutches..

.... And That Is The Diatribe....


  1. Being a former Lexintonian I feel your pain! There needs to be a real third party at this point. One the people run.

  2. Both the Forefathers (Pilgrims) and Founders (Constitutionalists) came to such an impasse. Both went to their knees to humbly implore God's help for their cause. Look what happened! Pray for MARA.