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The Dr. Is In- Corpulent Common Core- Part III

    " Society highly values its normal man. It educates children to lose themselves and to become absurd, and thus to be normal... But social adaptation to a dysfunctional society may be very dangerous." Dr. R.D. Laing. The Politics of Experience. 1967

    " In New England every citizen receives the elementary notions of human knowledge; he is taught, moreover, the doctrines and the evidences of his religion, the history of his country, and the leading features of its Constitution.... It is extremely rare to find a man imperfectly acquainted with all these things, and a person wholly ignorant of them is a sort of phenomenon." Alexis DeTocqueville. Democracy in America. 1831

    The penchant of rewriting our educational curriculum towards a more accepting and tolerant exercise of Socialism is a peculiar trend of the later half of the 20th century. The 60's saw the graduation of Leftist ideological 'reformers' on a massive scale. Throughout the 70's it was commonplace to see a former hippie done a tacky suit and join the ranks of teachers full of ideas on how to shape young minds. As these idealistic graduates became 20-30- and 40 year veterans of the educational class the idealism morphed into dogma and mandates. Low pay and thankless achievements turned teachers looking to expand Liberal forms of thinking into the Union recipients of largesse, tenure and social indoctrination of our children.
    I was probably the last generation of children to leave the 'old school' system with a sense of purpose, national pride and a rudimentary knowledge of my Constitution and history. As I explained before in the previous installment my mother gave me the tools of learning and I was armed to the teeth with desire to learn as much as possible even after my schooling had finished.
   This does not exist anymore.

    As Dr. Pesta wound his way into the final half hour of his talk at The Floral St. School he was to unveil the worst parts of Common Core. He upheld that old notion of save the best for last, or in this case, save the worst for last.
    Common Core will sexualize your children as young as 5 and 6 years old.
    Within the curriculum lies a sinister evil. Sex education classes among Grammar age children is offered in schools today. Many parents opt out of this by request and still retain the right to do so without argument from local schools. If CC gets its way that will no longer be an option. In fact, we are not just talking about the birds and the bees we are talking about full fledged porn style education of our children from gay sex, anal sex, oral sex, what your private proclivities are, even S+M. Any attempt to remove your children from this exposure will be viewed as obstructive with possible referral to Family Services for evaluation.
    This causes one to ponder; if one of the theories behind child sexual abuse is a sexualized child ( one who exhibits age in-appropriate behavior), thus prompting an investigation, then what is to stop every family from being investigated when our children are sexualized by the educational system?
    It already exists in Scotland. In 2013 the Scottish House of Lords passed sweeping legislation to place social workers with every family scheduled to give birth, or who has children already. The massive protests of Scots is being ignored by the government and demands to reform the educational system are being met with arrests. This is also being found in the United States as well. It is not uncommon for an American citizen to be arrested at a town meeting for refusing to obey an ordinance and publicly speaking out against it.
    The educational system under CC is not designed to open minds, expand knowledge or permit critical thinking. It is designed to mold and indoctrinate. Already we are two to three generations past from the form of education I received and the results are obvious. Our population if void of basic human understanding, void of history, void of literature and void of God.

    In Cleon Skousen's book The Five Thousand Year Leap,  he explores the entire foundational purpose behind our Constitutional Republic. A foundation based on the simple fact that born here on this continent was something miraculous and most decidedly guided by the hand of Providence. At no other time in history had something like this occurred and in the 200+ years that followed Americans were able to leap the evolutionary equivalent of 5000 years.
    The key portions of our form of government and social structure were based on Judeo-Christian law and theories of liberty. Skousen illustrates how a Republic is formed like a triangle with the majority of power resting on the bottom and held by the people themselves. Power at the top is small and limited in scope. All decisions are made at the local level, the family level and the individual level and are specific to those locations. What exists in one village may not exist in another not out of obstinacy or prejudice but out of necessity. What a child is taught in the rural farms of Oklahoma do not match what a child is taught in New York City. It can't!
    This local control over the affairs of one's community were the basis of our independent streak found only here in America. Non-intervention of regulators allowed people to explore, discover and invent everything we take for granted today. Had Alexander Bell tried inventing the telephone today he would be taxed and regulated to all hell and gone before he finished the first schematic. If he had been educated by our system today he would not even posses the intellect to do so.
    Psychiatrist Dr. R.D. Laing explains how our notion of every one doing as society expects is not healthy. Molding people to follow a wrote structure is clinically insane. The person who speaks out and questions doctrine and methodology is not the crazy person in the room but probably the only sane person in the room. He further explains that this is not a psychological manifestation but an inherent one based on our culture of independence. As we now see generations of mal-informed Americans sending their children to the same public schools that short changed them the ability for a person to question something will be virtually eliminated. Already the daydreamer, the fidgety child, the bored child is medicated to conform to standards set by some invisible power. Children with disciplinary problems are not taught how to channel such behavior but are suspended from school, arrested by police and ground through the family court system. Our educational system employs a form of punishment and ostracizing that is mentally detrimental to children. It also brands them in a file as agitators, possible criminals and tags them as wards of the state.

    What is particularly evil is that some Administrators of our schools are paid to point these people out and cull them into the legal system. The majority of them come from low income families unable to hire the expensive legal counsel that would defend them. As CC expands we can expect the Family Court system to be overwhelmed with cases. As zero tolerance policies ratchet up under CC it is possible that a simple question from a child will result in disciplinary action.
    It exists already. In Canada one school fines parents for not following strict nutritional guidelines set by the school. There is the famous story of the child who drew a picture of Jesus in an art class and had to bear the stigma of not being allowed to hang that picture at the school art show. Another child had a Bible taken away during reading time and was suspended. And lets not forget the kid who kissed a girl in kindergarten or the child who chewed his Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun. Trust me folks, the absurdity has still not reached the bottom, we have more to come.
    Susan Bussing Asst. Principal to Worcester East Middle School is one of these Administrators. She spends much of her time in Family Court extolling to Judges, one family after another, how horrible their child is. In fact, from my investigations into Mrs. Bussing I have come to discover that many families have been forced to file lawsuits against her and file restraining Orders against her. I also wrote in a past blog how she has targeted my own daughter and has been caught red handed by myself stealing property from me.
    Susan gets paid to do this! Her job is not to be a mentor, a guide to a young mind, and influence. I certainly do not see the name of Susan Bussing being remembered as a hero (as some really good educators are) on a television add. Her job is to feed the system with fresh meat. The suspension rates at WEM blow away all the other schools in Worcester combined. Families I have interviewed have seen their children go from excited students eager to learn to trampled spirits forced to repeat a grade.. Under Bussing!
    As the Union rules exist today, nothing can be done to remove her save a flagrant violation like assault. Should CC become the standard people like this will be the norm. In fact, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the hiring standards under CC draw more individuals like Susan Bussing. More law enforcement rather than educators.
    Susan Bussing used to be a Corrections Officer.

    Indoctrination isn't even the tip of the iceberg under CC. Enforcement and compliance lies deeper beneath the water line. The current state of our general intelligence level in society is like a small rudder steering this massive ship known as our future. We propel headlong into the unknown drawing closer to the inevitable collision and we may not have the time to alter course before we rip down the side of our children's growth and doom them to the icy depths of servitude.

....And That Is The Diatribe....


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