Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Pathology of Power

    "To do evil a human being must first of all believe that what he is doing is good...Ideology-thats what gives evildoing it's long sought justification.... Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    It is eleven pm, do you know where your children are? If you are one of the millions of parents whose children are in the care and custody of the state child protective services, chances are you do not know where they are.  You do not know if they are hungry, cold, mistreated, incarcerated or at the mercy of a predator. Additionally, the chances of justice for such an outrage is equally as unknowable.

     The ability of the state to confiscate property goes beyond what you 'own', it extends to our most valued of endearments, our children. The most powerful of these is The Department of Social Services. It has been quoted by one anonymous DSS worker that they "are more powerful than the IRS". The aim is to deny parents their natural rights of parenting by replacing the family unit with a humanist centric agency.

    Mandates within the new Obamacare law will extend this power. State agencies and law enforcement are on the front lines. They will be given greater authority to decide what's in "the best interest of the child" and this starts at the public schools. Already children are barred from school if the parents do not provide up to date health records and immunizations.The extended powers will make it a criminal act if a parent decides to not have the child examined at all. Many times have I been told by a school nurse that my children will have to undergo a physical before starting the next grade level. This extension of powers will ensure compliance or families could face the loss of custody of their children and/or criminal prosecution.

    In 1986 parental rights advocate Mary Pride wrote a shocking book titled "The Child Abuse Industry". She spoke of many states creating stricter laws for parents to follow, more mandates for schools to enforce, legislators and courts manipulating the laws to provide more flexibility for Social Services to operate. One of the most important tools used is the notion of "erring on the side of the child". Mary writes:

    "Social workers are given immunity in the laws; it is almost impossible to win a lawsuit when a child is removed in error..."

    Legalized kidnapping of your child is protected within the language. Never mind that this is shockingly un-Constitutional, that has no bearing what-so-ever. Even scarier is that when challenged in various State Supreme Courts, the courts ruled in favor of the language..It is in the best interest of the child.

    But, they are wrong, they are dead wrong. In fact they are clinically insane. This is insanity. This is a usurpation of one of our most hallowed creeds. The sanctity of the family. What normal, rational person would agree that this is a good idea? Are all the courts corrupt? Are all the legislators power hungry? Why has there not been more attention paid to what is taking place? Because it involves children and no one wants to see a child hurt. Social Services (literally) would rather have one thousand children wrongfully put into state hands than allow one child to suffer at the hands of an abuser.

    Do you remember the openning of the 2012 Olympics? One of the venues was put on by the Health and Human Services. Music played, lights flashed as happy little children bounced on hospital beds with attentive government nurses attending to them. I went to shed, got my twelve gauge and shot my television. I was stunned. I felt as if Aldous Huxley had reached out from the grave.

    "Believing oneself to be perfect is usually the sign of a delusional mind.." Data, Star Trek, First Contact

    There is an institutional policy that parents and parenting is inherantly dangerous to children and that a system designed by health professionals and child psychologists can provide a better environment for them. Mary Pride points out that they want to create a "perfect" child.
    Perfect specimens of Nazi Germany excersized on movie reels for the German public. Happy children bounced on beds in a HHS skit for the Olympics. The young are targetted for the reason of promoting a positive face on government control over our lives. In the documentary film "Generation Rx" by Kevin P Miller drug companies and the FDA are complicit in the drugging of our children with powerful psychotropes. With the help of Social Services, HHS and the public school system over 130 million children are on ADHD drugs today. They are creating that "perfect" child and parents are powerless to intervene.

    In 1991 FDA officials (many execs from BigPharma) heard testimony from adults who suffered side effects of these drugs. Many side effects included attempted suicide. The FDA, after hours of testimony by over five hundred people determined that there was not enough evidence to warrant any kind of warning. A panel of doctors from the National Health Institute in 1998 were tasked to define the symptoms and causes of ADHD. After a three day press filled forum they failed to define ADHD. A reporter from NPR asked the panel for a specific definition. They failed to provide one. Dr. Mark Vonnegut is on camera stammering through a botched attempt to narrow down the parameters of the disease.

    The scary thing is that it will not be your private family doctor who examines, tests, and diagnoses your child with ADHD. It will be reported to a state agency by a school administrator using a very thin litmus test to determine the diagnosis. Using the new mandates, recommendations are made and compliance becomes mandatory. Most children in foster care today are required by the state to undergo some form of medicating for ADHD. Over the past twelve years over three quarters of the school shootings were perpetrated by children long subjected to psychotropic serotonin inhibitors for ADHD.

    Our children's lives are over-run with counselors, therapists, specialists. Their goal is is to ensure that there is a steady stream of new patients. The definition of "normal" is marginalized in order to show that the number of "abnormal" people is growing, thus demanding more laws, more money and more power. These new definitions are soon to arrive at a school near you.

     From the Worcester Public Schools Handbook:

    "The school based health care center provides services to promote the physical and emotional well being of the students. These centers provide a host of services from physical, immunizations, counseling, screenings and nutrition."..Well, isn't that special? A government nurse poking and prodding your kid.

    Now, a person might think this is all well and good. After all, there are neglectful parents and abusive parents. No one wants to see a child harmed. But it is difficult to explain ti the very same person the dangers of what we have allowed to transpire. It has come to my attention several times while researching this story that even parents themselves are perfectly willing to fork over their kids to government control. Legislators who have challenged the Constitutionality of these mandates have been labelled as anti child, anti mother, anti woman. Just look at the vitriol from the left over abortion and birth control. Every feminist group and "concerned citizen" group will will back any candidate who trumpets more protections for women and children. It's a cash cow that keeps on milking. The more we promote single motherhood, marginalize fathers, grow the welfare roles, brand more children as "at risk", the more money you get for your agency.

    A meeting last August of the 15th District of Worcester candidates centered around the idea of an income tax increase to be specifically aimed for Social Services. I thought, I woke up into another dimension. The discussion fell along party lines (as usual) with the Democrats accusing the Republicans of not caring about women and children. Few numbers were given to justify the tax increase but, the discussion underscores how important this issue is to the agencies themselves and themselves only. We have entered Bizzarro-World now where we actually discuss the funding of corruption in public forums and no one blinks an eye.

    Finally, the Family Court System, tasked with the legalities of child abuse. Unlike a criminal case the state is not required to prove itself "beyond a reasonable doubt". Here is where the courts and Social Services have joined forces to create a wholly separate and independent court complete with their own rules. The burden of proof is shifted to the accused. A Social Worker doesn't have to testify, you never face your accuser, the decisions are made before you enter the court room and every one for the state is granted immunity (not that any one would purposely lie). Should the accused be exonerated there will be no recompence for their troubles. If the child has been removed it will still take months for the family to be reunited. The emotional scars will be deep and everlasting.

    Our rights are granted by God but, our laws are written by men and are subject to error. Historically, the evolution of government has always lead to tyranny. Without careful consideration of our desire for protection and what that entails: Historically, it will be the people who allow tryanny to foment..

....And That Is The Diatribe....


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