Friday, July 13, 2012

Deciple Deval

    Deciple Deval has unleashed his fiscal 2013 budget at a merry 5.something billion dollars. Of course, the legislators want to tweek his recommendations a little. The largest chunk of pie is consumed by Health care. Gotta love that Romenycare!. Hey, didn't he say something about repealing another form of penalizing legislation? I digress.

    The best part of the State budget has to do with EBT cards. I just found out that you can buy porn, booze and strippers with your EBT card. Or, you used to be able to, at least. Seems the legislators want to limit the use of them in these types of joints, but Deciple Deval wants to just prohibit the use of them entirely. Either plan is fine by me. What perplexes me is: You mean I could have bought porn, booze and strippers with my EBT card? I miss all the fun stuff! The fact that this thing existed and now they are agueing over the details of the repeal is ridiculous. Who is doing this? What wife lets her man go to the titty bar with the family food budget?

    I can just see alot of nights on the couch if I came home with  peanut butter and jelly and a stack of Hustlers and a quart of Jim Bean instaed of food for the family. She would cut off my head and no judge in the world would convict her for it.

    The other thorn in my side is the looming 51% of the budget instantly tasked for Healthcare. Am I the only one who finds this diturbing? Every one against Government run Healthcare have pushed the same aguements over the ballooning costs and the proponents have gafawed it away. Well, surprise, surprise, surprise, the portion has grown from the projections of a few million to over 51%.. DeLeo, that corpulent crook, blasts something about "political grandstanding.." It is political granstanding you ape!

    Reality is right before our eyes Massachusetts. The roads suck, the job market sucks but teachers and hospitals get all the gravy. That may take care of your patrons Mr. Speaker and Mr. P. but try being an average citizen here and need to see a doctor on your blessed Mass Healthcare. All the money thrown at this monster still does not resolve the problem of its lumbering and inability to live up to the standards we were promised.

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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