Friday, May 11, 2012

Star Wars, Reagan, Frederic Bastiat

One of the amazing things about the world’s best leaders is that many of them came from humble beginnings.

There is always one paradigm though; they all believed in God, believed in themselves and believed in the Divine Providence of America. They, also, had a less than stellar past life. Many, had to get comfortable with the ‘base’ side of their lives in order to preserve a greater cause: The cause of Liberty and the nation.

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution was formed by committee, not some angelic proclamation of God. So was the Bible, under Constantine.

This does not negate the role of Providence in how our nation was formed. Providence was first and fore most in the minds of our Founders. Providence, coupled with Reason was a radically new idea. The precept of Science and Man’s rights, given by God, of self determination blew the lid off of a thousand years of indoctrination. It would be by the barrel of a rifle to make this law.

Unfortunately it took, only, two hundred + years to bring it all back. We now live under a system of total Oligargic Control. We allow minority segments of our society to dictate to the majority. The oligarchy obliges minority votes to assuage the political action committee masses, under the ruse of Political Correctness, to circumvent Constitutional Republic. The Oligarchy controls banks, votes, is in league with Unions and controls our lives. America, included with the UN has become ‘The Empire’.. And it was not our wish.

We, the citizens, have become the Rebel Alliance.

One of the reasons for the American Revolution was the high taxation on good and services. A, secondary, less focused upon, was the lack of respect for the citizens.

The high taxes prompted business owners to complain to the Crown. Trickle Down Economics spurred the ire of the individual farmer, mercantile and trader. This caused a ripple effect through out the Colonies. Higher prices paid to England demanded lesser profits to the people who provided those good and services. No, self respecting American Colonist would stand for this. These taxes affected their lively hood, they impacted upon their distributors, suppliers, hired help. Even slave labor became more costly.

This is Reagan-omics taken straight from our own birth, as a nation. Government imposed regulations, drove up costs; which ‘trickled down’ to the most lowly slave digging a hole. Something needed to be done.

The sad thing is that, then, there was an independent streak among the Colonist. Having been cut off from England, subsisting on themselves for a generation they were now asked to oblige to a set of new laws imposed from afar. England had no clue as to what they had allowed to happen in The New World. The American Colonies would not stand for this. They were like Anakin Skywalker, they wanted to break free, just like a teenager to a parent.

This is lacking in our Nation today. We do not have that indignation of authority from afar handing down dictates. We have a central Government handing down dictates from close by. There is a national surrender to these dictums; We seem to ‘take it in stride’.

It is short of amazing that so many Colonists showed up to fight in the Revolution. No one knew the outcome. All of them knew they were outnumbered. All of them had been victims of British injustice in some form or another. The loss of battles may have led to questions from volunteers. Certainly the desertion rate was warranted. The involvement of the French was more of a ’Do or die’ trump card that needed to be revealed or the war would have been lost.

The story of the American Revolution is written by the individuals who served in it. From the Continental Congress to the starving soldier at Valley Forge eating his shoe; everyone involved had a stake in the outcome more so than even history eludes to. Historians can write about the fate that would befall them all if the war had been lost. No one can understand the fear in the hearts of our Founders had they lost. Once you understand this, it is a simple step to understand why our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution have so much investment and gratitude in Divine Providence and Reason.

Truly, a miracle had occurred and the world was to change from that day forward. The Revolution, it’s successful completion was a geo-political catastrophe for the powers that held sway. Darwinism may have not been conceived of yet, but this event was evolutionary in it’s scope. The ink on these documents was, symbolically, the blood of Patriots who gave ultimately of themselves. The social status of our Founders would not be an impediment where the matter of those men’s rights, and the rights of their heirs were concerned. Nothing would ever be the same, ever again.

The modern Tea Party has its roots in the original Tea Party event via name only. The storming of British merchant ships in 1775 was a cumulative event relating to the imposition of intolerable taxes upon goods and services. The modern day Tea Party organization is a demand for accountability in Government service and a stepping back of Government in our private lives and businesses.

The intrusion of Government authority in the private lives of citizens unfolds in the scenes from ‘Braveheart’. William Wallace marries his wife secretly to avoid a horrific practice of the British Crown known as “prima-norte”. This was the practice of the land owner having sexual privileges to a new bride over her husband.

The famous role of Dr. Zchivago played by Omar Sharif, comes home from serving in the Bolshevik Revolution and WWI to find the city’s Party Officials subletting his home to several families. His move to the country side, attempting to get away from the poverty of Moscow, is further intruded upon by Partisans who, literally, abduct him of the road.

The true life events during the days of the McCarthy Hearings, the Committee on Un American Activities and the Hollywood Black listings are a stunning example of Federal intrusion upon the citizens. In the movie, ‘Tucker and His Dream’ the automotive entrepreneur is thwarted by the collusion of corporate auto manufacturers and elected representatives resulting in the collapse of his company. Upon being unable to deliver all the vehicles within an imposed deadline the Government sues him. The movie concludes with all 51 Tuckers built being paraded in front of the courthouse. The Senatorial hearings that play out in ‘The Aviator’ exalt the intrusion of Government to ridiculous levels. Taken from the transcripts of the hearing, Howard Hughes, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, tears into the Maine Senator, stealing the floor, taking control of the hearing and walking out on the committee. The following scene is Hughes proving himself correct by launching the Hercules out of New York Harbor.

The attempts by authority to impose its will upon the electorate is rendered impotent by the courage and Conservative values held firm in the principles of our nation and its reliance upon Providence . In reality, Congress was never given the authority under the Constitution to subpoena a citizen. The self imposed legal mandates of Congress are a farce. Simply passing a law does not imply a right. It merely grants authority of enforcement.

French economist and Statesman, Frederic Bastiat sums up the use of force against the masses in his pamphlet of 1850, The Law.

“ ..Thus, since an individual cannot lawfully

use force against the person, liberty, or property

of another individual, then the common force,

for the same reason, cannot lawfully be used to

destroy the person, liberty or property of

individuals or groups....”

He goes on to say that the only law that truly exists is the “collective organization of the individual right of defense.”. Martin Luther King Jr. always reminded us that it was not justice that was the ultimate goal but the removal of injustice.

It is ironic how our world history is awash with great quotations from the past of freedom, liberty and justice, yet we always find ourselves neck deep in some new Totalitarian wave before we wake up to the realities of how close we are to drowning. The result of pure greed or a false sense of benevolence to humanity are the drivers to this inevitable, depositing on the shore of, human slavery. The perversion of law becomes a catalyst of the enforcers to plunder. The legislative pen becomes the instrument. Bastiat’s axiom, “, by no means, confines itself to its proper function.” becomes an epidemic with the demands of constituents, lobbyists and citizen groups exhibiting the worst of symptoms.

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