Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The More Horrible Monster Under The Bed-- Part IV, The Future

   In considering the future of our Republic and the elections that help keep it alive we must look at a few events fast approaching on the horizon that will shape the future ( or lack there of) of the greatest political experiment on Earth. An anonymous woman once asked a delegate, leaving a post Revolutionary Philadelphia meeting house;

    " What have you given us Mr. Franklin?"
    " A Republic, if you can keep it."

    Before the ink was dry on The Constitution the dismantling of that Republic was well under way. Forces allied then and forces ally today in acts of self interest all the while proclaiming the expansion of freedom as they interpret it to be. The things to be considered are (1); the Republican Party's demise into a new-vous Republicratic Party and (2); the advent of Amnesty and the effectual 11 million new votes for Democrats well into the next century. These are not assumptions  based on party politics but actual events well under way as I write (this) and you read this blog.
    Ultra Right Wing Conservative Republicans such as Karl Rove, Mike Huckabee and even moderates like Mitt Romney are all chanting the same  consiliatory lament that Republicans must become more centrist if they are to win elections. This is nothing more than a tacit admission that they have truly become Republicrats. And, I do not care what the best political analysts say.. They will still lose elections, especially if they become more Leftist. Only Liberals can get away with being cameleons because they have been doing it for so long it has become second nature for them. Republicans are supposed to represent 'The Republic'  and should conduct themselves accordingly. If we are to lose elections then we lose them on steadfast principle rather than impotent compromise. A most humiliating way to be remembered.

    Rove has openly stated his opposition to The Tea Party and Huckabee now openly supports Common Core. Now, I would propose that a broken toaster would make a better candidate for any office than the current line up of Demo-Communists saddling up to the likes of NOI and The Voter Information Project. But I am not prepared to support a RINO candidate who claims to be Right while calling for bi-partisanship with the Left. John Adams wrote years before the shots at Lexington Green about our "...natural liberties and rights.." and the importance of representation in the decisions that affect our lives. Neither side today truly represents the citizen anymore. The Left cries today about 'special interests' yet has no idea what Conservatives are talking about when we mention as special interests the likes of amnesty, Unions, ACORN and the Black Caucus. Are these not all 'special interest' groups? I wrote months ago about how McGovern and many well heeled city appointees sat at a city meeting and talked about guns and crime here in Worcester. All of them were eager to point to the NRA as a special interest yet some how felt they were not one in and of themselves.. Odd..
    Under the wind sock mentality that is Liberalism perceiving oneself to be on the side of what is right often negates one's own concept of self interest. As Conservatives we must always be wary of making such a claim as well. As I have written before; Socialism has the longest history of having the shortest history in all of history..
     It has always been tried and it has always died.

     Liberty, on the other hand, always resurfaces, always rewrites, always corrects and is not just a revolutionary act of political history it is an evolutionary act of political history. It is a natural form of governance based on Providence and natural laws that clearly define the rights of man. The entire history of man has always been one of tyrannical rule and today many still live under such tyranny. However, the reason why nations fight for independence and self determination is endemic to our DNA  as human beings.
    Since we first climbed out of the trees man has always moved towards independence. As civilizations rose people still broke away to form a community for themselves, ruled by themselves. Tribes rose up against empires to depose the yoke of tyranny. It is a natural progression of man's destiny. Should that day come when we leave this planet and colonize space it is inevitable that those people will eventually declare their own self determination. And so be it.

    So, we must consider our future Republic, if we can keep it, if we can endure, if we can be a beacon of liberty and freedom for the rest of mankind to emulate. Let the rule of law and the rights of man be our lighthouse upon the foggy shores of the ever changing influence of political theory and upon the rocky shores of political tyranny that claim to know what is best for us.
    Liberalism, Progressivism, Socialism may be the monster under the bed. But, there lies IN the bed a more horrible monster. It is the complacent ignorance of our citizenry that allows our Republic to be consumed by the monster under the bed because we comply, because we deal, because we elect milk-toast representatives who refuse to keep this great Republic.

    What have you given us, Mr. Franklin?... A Republic, if you can keep it.....

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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