Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The More Horrible Monster Under The Bed --Part II

    Election fraud has always been part of American history. Political machines from Chicago, New, York City, New Orleans and L.A. have all skewed the elections in those cities and nationally. The debacle in Florida of 2000 caught national attention because of a Liberal outcry against George Bush. The media mantra that Bush 'stole' the election is typical of Liberal manipulation of the public message. What many Liberals do not know (and those who do refuse to accept the truth) is that it was Gore who attempted to steal the election. The lawsuit filed by the Bush Campaign was perfectly within the President's rights to do so.
    Originally the Al Gore Campaign only wanted the votes in Democrat controlled precincts re-counted. Naturally he led in these precincts. The lawsuit filed stated that if a discrepancy exists then ALL the precincts need to be re-counted. The Judge who considered the lawsuit concurred. It wasn't until then that the whole 'hanging chad' issue became common knowledge. The Democrats had shot themselves in the foot. It exposed the attempts by the DNC to squash votes for Republicans, it exposed the antiquated system employed by polling stations, made Gore look like a whiny bitch and opened a wave of Americans taking a closer look at election shenanigans.
    According to John Fund, author of the book "Stealing Elections" the over whelming majority of voting fraud originates from and favors Democrats. Less than .3% of voter fraud originates from and favors Republicans. Controlling the message is vitally important to Democrats. Manipulation of the language is important. Catch phrases become a sort of truth serum. "Bush lied, people died." is a perfect example.
    This does not mean that Republicans should not be held accountable for election fraud. In the 1990's postcards were sent to North Carolina black registered voters instructing them to vote properly or face jail sentences. One district in California in 1988 Republicans election officials hired uniformed guards to stand outside minority polling stations. Other examples exist but the trend here is of local influence and do not reflect a national trend from Republicans.
    The Bill proposed by then Senator Hillary Clinton would declare Election Day as a holiday. In 2005 The Count Every Vote Act would also have restored voting rights to convicted felons who have served their time and bolster same day registration and voting. States would have been required to follow Federal Mandates that violate the 14th Amendment in which states are specifically permitted to disenfranchise voters convicted of certain crimes. It also would have violated the clause that permits states to stipulate the time, manner and place of voting
    This is an example of a national trend.

    Requiring voters to have identification does not suppress votes. It simply demands accountability. Motor Voter Laws, Oregon's all mail in ballot law, and VIP's electronic registrations have no accountability. During the Warren-Brown Senate Election. Liz Warren's daughter took tax payer money to mail thousands of voter registration cards to welfare recipients in Massachusetts. The message was to enfranchise more voters but again the Democrats just shot themselves in the foot and brought the issue of election fraud to both campaigns.
    Not only was tax payer money funded to a relative of a Democratic candidate from a sitting Democratic Governor the un intended consequence was a welfare scandal that exposed millions of dollars going to fake names, fake addresses and illegals. Being Massachusetts, though, not a damn thing was done about it and Elizabeth Warren won the election.
    Absentee Voting is a commendable practice. It allows Americans who are serving overseas, away on business, in college in another state, sick in the hospital and even orbiting the planet to vote on election day. However it has also become a major source of election fraud. It removes accountability. You do not have to prove who you are. Currently there are little to no requirements that demand a voter prove citizenship, eligibility. address or even if they are alive or real.

    But North Carolina is taking the issue of accountability serious: http://weaselzippers.us/cue-the-dogwhistle-no-fee-voter-id-cards-now-being-issued-in-north-carolina/
    "In accordance with a new state law passed during the 2013 legislative session, the State of North Carolina will begin issuing no-fee voter identification cards on January 2.
Beginning in 2016, North Carolina will require voters to have a valid photo ID to cast a ballot when voting in person.
A list of photo ID that will be acceptable for voting is available on the State Board of Elections website. No-fee ID cards are available for people who have no other valid forms of photo identification.
Applications for no-fee voter ID cards can be made at any North Carolina DMV driver license office. Applicants will need to present documents that verify their age and identity. Applicants will also need to provide a valid Social Security number.
NCDMV has posted the requirements and documents acceptable for the Voter ID card on its website. Voter ID cards are mailed to applicants within 10 to 15 days following application."

    The next to last sentence is interesting. Part of the complaint from Liberals against voter ID is that many minorities cannot afford an ID. The question begs; how can they afford a computer? If (according to NOI and VIP) people have no idea when and where to vote they probably do not know they can use a computer for free at a local library. So, what good is all this data basing and online registration?
    Quite simply it is insulting to minorities and the poor. It pre-supposes these people are too stupid to get the information needed to make an informed vote. In a nation of multiple information sources and candidates criss crossing the landscape the notion that people have NO IDEA what they are doing in making an informed decision is patently absurd.
    But The New Organizing Institute is undaunted. In fact, they are hiring: http://neworganizing.com/jobs/signup/?job=2500&next=/jobs/2500

    " With a focus on bringing more women and people of color into organizing careers, the audience for these trainings will include current organizers and prospective organizers looking to launch a career in organizing. NOI will also be hosting state-based events such as state RootsCamps to help build community among program participants. In the late Spring 2014, NOI will also be assisting these trained organizers with job placement on progressive campaigns throughout the movement and across the country."

    Job placement on progressive campaigns??? The home page to NOI clearly states on several of it's pages how non-partisan they are. I guess being non partisan is a progressive idea.

    In Ari Berman's book "Herding Donkeys" he writes about how Howard Dean brought the Democratic Party back from the brink with his 50 state strategy. Essentially Dean made damn sure he had committed teams in every state getting people registered (to vote Democrat). He did this long before NOI came along. Obama took that same strategy to secure his victory also through his use of his former hang out known as ACORN. From what I have researched there is no similar existing Republican strategy. Republicans are too busy fighting amongst themselves and demonizing what grass roots organizations do exist. Like The Tea Party.
    Federal law also forbids voter registration groups from actively participating in campaigns. The Soros funded group America Coming Together openly professed on it's page they were interested in defeating George Bush. NOI openly professes they are working on "progressive campaigns". While no blatant endorsements exist at NOI their message and intent are perfectly clear.

....And That Is The Diatribe...

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